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The Strigoi are nearing extinction. The Master and his Apprentice, locked up in the fortress of Tismana, are besieged by the Powerwolf and play their last card, hoping to complete an ancient sacrificial rite that leads to the rebirth of the Deus Diabolus Tempter: the Cobra King! To complete the rite, the Maidens imprisoned in the fortress towers must be turned into Succubi. But the Cobra King’s will and ferocity is uncontrollable even for the Strigoi, to the point that it may manifest itself ahead of time! Will the Powerwolf succeed in getting the Maidens to safety and prevent the rise of the Cobra King?

Resurrection (by Expansion)
maintains the rules of the base game with some additions and variants to allow the Powerwolf to face a new threat: the Strigoi’s attempt to bring the Cobra King and its Succubi into our world.
To win, the Powerwolf must try to defeat the Strigoi (as in the base game) before the resurrection, otherwise the Strigoi’s vital energy flows into the Cobra King which, more powerful
than ever, takes possession of the fortress and unleashes its fury.
The Powerwolf also have the ungrateful task of saving as many Maidens as possible and preventing their transformation into Succubi subservient to the Cobra King, or face all of them
together in a fight to the death.
This is far from an easy adventure, suitable only for the real Powerwolf 

Note: The presence of the ritual does not alter the victory or defeat conditions from the base game. At the moment there are enough Blood Points on the Inferno card for a Powerwolf defeat (based on the number of players), the Strigoi (or Cobra King and his Succubi) will have won.

An Expansion by TinuZ, Paolo Vallerga
& Marco Valtriani

Original Illustrations by Zsofia Dankova
& Alan D’Amico

Artwork: Paolo Vallerga

Miniatures sculpted by
Alan D’Amico – OrcoNero



75-90 min

English Translation by William Niebling
Traduction Française par Coraline Hamon
Deutsche Übersetzung Ferdinand Köther
Traducción Española por Susanna Amaro
Regolamento italiano
a cura di Fortunato Cappelleri

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their respective owners, used with permission. Powerwolf, the Powerwolf logo,
and the Powerwolf characters and their respective images are trademarks of