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In A Battle Through History, each player dresses the part of a time-traveling storyteller (a “Sabaton”), whose journey through historical Eras enables them to relive epic (and often unlikely) battles alongside legendary troops and heroes. Players can both face “the story” (represented by cards on the main board) and challenge the other players, deploying archers, tanks, airplanes, Vikings, and any other troops that they were able to “conquer” during their travels through the Eras. Moreover, by collecting precious Relics, they can enrich their knowledge and thus gain the points needed to win the game. Whoever collects the greatest Units, Heroes, and Relics during their travels wins the game and can therefore sing of their heroic deeds!

Are you ready to be a real Sabaton?
Editor’s Note
This game absolutely does not intend to incite violence, and does not support nor celebrate war, aggression, or the use of weapons in any way. Unfortunately, humanity over the centuries has always resorted to the use of weapons. And if on one hand, this has made them a terrible instrument of oppression, on the other hand they have made it possible to defend the principles of freedom, independence, and the right to exist in one’s own way. During these dramatic moments, the highest price has always been paid by the defenseless and the soldiers sent to suffer unspeakable atrocities. Even in these darkest hours, there were those who clung to their humanity and honor, distinguishing and often sacrificing themselves. It is these whom we wish to honor with this humble game. Within, we mention Troops, Units, individual Heroes, and events of war that did occur over the course of human history, all mixed together to create a “game of battles” through the Eras.

Game Flow
Whoever has accomplished the most heroic feat (whatever it may be) starts the game and takes the Headquarters counter. Whoever has the counter also has the task of moving the Round Track token on its board at the end of each Round.

The game is played over 6 Rounds (or 8 if you decide to play a Long Campaign). Each Round, every player completes one turn going clockwise, starting from “Headquarters.”

An Game by Erik Burigo • Marco Valtriani • Pär Sundström
Artists: Alan D’Amico • Sebastian Łydżba • Peter Sallai • Mirco Pierfederici

Coloring and Artwork: Paolo Vallerga

Miniatures sculpted by
Alan D’Amico – OrcoNero



60-120 min

English Translation
by Erica Vallerga and William Niebling
Traduction Française par Coraline Hamon
Deutsche Übersetzung Ferdinand Köther
Traducción Española por Susanna Amaro
Regolamento italiano
a cura di Paolo Vallerga

Including an historical booklet with more infos about the Units cards, by Giorgio Vallerga, Marco Valtriani and Paolo Vallerga.

© and TM 2021-2024 All marks, copyrights, and illustrations are the property of their respective owners, used with permission. Sabaton, the Sabaton logo, and the Sabaton characters and their respective images are trademarks of

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