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Heroes Box

An Expansion for A Battle through History

Limited and Numbered edition

Only for 2 weeks from 10th march to 24th march
the price will be 65,00 Euros.
Release date 31st march 2023

Hand-painted and ancientized wooden box (dim) 21,5×12,5×5,5 cm

5 Sabaton’s hand-painted figures (approx 5cmx2cm)
2 Special dice for the official Sabaton’s game A Battle Through History
4 new heroes for the official Sabaton’s game A Battle Through History
Only 300
Special rules (in 5 languages) to play with the new Cards and Dice

Note: Miniatures are not toys and are unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. – Handpainted in Italy with Games Workshop© – Citadels Colour© 

Strong Hero die
Risky Hero die

HERO DICE RULE: If there are any Heroes in a deployment, that player rolls the appropriate Hero die instead of the standard die—the Strong Hero die if you would roll the Strong die or Risky Hero die if you would roll the Risky die. Combat value modifiers on the Hero die apply to the whole deployment as normal, but any effect icons (Accuracy, Assault, Diversion, Heroic Death, or extra damage capacity) apply only to the deployed Hero. (If more than one Hero is deployed, it applies to the one closest to the Battlefront)

NEW HEROES’ ICON: If this Hero survives (and is still in your deployment slot at the end of the battle), before setting them aside, add 1 Honor of the Arms token to your reserve (regardless of the number of Units defeated or whether you were attacking or defending).