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The March Against the Tyrant


The March Against the Tyrant
An adventure with Rhapsody Of Fire
A Board Game adventure by Diego Cerreti and Marco Valtriani

The world has been corrupted by the Nephilim, who have left behind their henchman, the Tyrant of the Konstrukts, to reign over the once lush and peaceful lands. The bloody countryside strewn with iron and steel was not enough, nor were the hills, grass, and trees, now colored red… The soil of the fields will forever taste of the blood of warriors sacrificed for the madness of men corrupted by evil. Kreel has no second thoughts or regrets, nor do the men he has gathered around him for this final march, during which it will be increasingly difficult to distinguish between good and evil…

The March against the Tyrant is an epic adventure that will lead the players to face a certain enemy, but following a path of choices that will determine their conduct and integrity. Follow blind, instinctive fury; rely on one’s own purity; or use the magical arts? These will be the tools with which the Heroes may solve the trials they will face.

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Mechanisms: High-replayable competitive Adventure game.
Number of players: 2-5
Estimated playing time: 70-90 minutes
Language Independent game

 The March against the Tyrant is not a co-operative game: Each adventurer follows their own path, dictated by their own way of solving dilemmas; but the combined choices of the players will contribute to the outcome of the quest and provide the Tyrant with the key to make their victory a chimera! Will you follow the Dark Path or the Footsteps of Justice? Will you fight the enemy with integrity or use his own weapons of violence and blood? Which path will you follow in your March Against the Tyrant?

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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 7 cm

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