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Sator Deluxe


BOARDGAME – Recommended 14+ y.o.
Each player represents an Acolyte and tries to be the first to recover the four books that the Keeper has entrusted to him (the four books in the color of his pawn). The sinners’ pit is an intricate labyrinth of Footbridges and mobile walkways that can be moved by gears and pulleys. They can be turned and pushed in order to create a safe path over which the Acolyte may safely walk the abyss. To move Footbridges, each Acolyte may read from the book “Incertus Movet in Aere Sospeso”, which is a kind of user’s manual explaining how to manipulate the walking passages to meet his needs. The more Footbridges the Acolyte moves during his turn, the farther he will be able to walk.

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Sator’s Deluxe features:

  1. The box is in genuine leather, with bookstyle opening and metal studs:
  2. Metal elements and brass key;
  3. Hot printing of SATOR’s logo;
  4. Hand painted miniatures;
  5. Numbered copies with hot printing;
  6. 5 languages booklet;
  7. Available in dark brown leather (to choose another color, price will be increased 30,00 euros more because we must buy the leather and work/delivery will be in 1 month).
  8. Just 200 Numbered copies.
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 12 cm