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Alive or Undead


Limited Quantity will be available to buy immediately at Essen Games Fair (5 October) and Lucca Comics & Games (1-5 November)

Storms have gone and rain has fallen And all our wildest prayers have been said!

A horde of ravenous Undead led by a Strigoi Master besieges a small town at the gates of Tismana. The people of the village, terrified, ask for the help of Powerwolf—feared children of the moon, wild army of Armenia, defenders of the True Creed—to free them and embrace the way of Vorcolac for good! Will the Werewolves and Powerwolf be able to hunt down the Strigoi Master and save the village (and as many inhabitants as possible) before the sun rises?

A card game by Enrico Pesce and Nicola Montagner

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Alive or Undead is a cooperative card game in which each player takes on the role of a Werewolf who will try to coordinate their own actions with those of the other players… but as is well known, a pack of Werewolves during a frantic assault is not so much a disciplined patrol, able to handle high-profile tactical actions! Therefore, during the assault, it will not be easy for the Werewolves to understand each other’s intentions… especially to the sound of howls.

Please take a look to the Smart Rules!

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Dimensions 13,5 × 17,5 × 4 cm

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