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Venkman Line

Venkman is Scribabs’s handmade range of online products dedicated to the esoteric, neo pagan, gothic and Wiccan traditions. Our products are also available at national and international exhibitions. To know more about this collection and availability please write to 

The ZENER cards are a great start to venture in fortune telling and telepathy. Each deck contains 25 CARDS of 5 symbols. They are packed in a wooden box, hand decorated with 13 different designs to choose from. € 20,00 per box.

Carte Zener: Gatti

Carte Zener: Triskel

Carte Zener: Wiccan

Carte Zener: Athame

Carte Zener: Yggdrasil

Carte Zener: Steampunk A e B

Carte Zener: Ghost

Carte Zener: Triscele

Carte Zener: Rune

Carte Zener: Pentacolo

Carte Zener: Skull

Carte Zener: Horus

The “Elder Futhark” is the oldest form of runic alphabet, made up of 24 runes. The name comes from the sound of the first six runes of the alphabet (F, U, Þ, A, R and K), and it is believed that these runes have magical powers. Each FUTHARK deck contains 24 Runes and comes in a wooden box hand decorated in 2 different designs to choose from. € 20,00 per box.

Futhark Runa - Steampunk

Futhark Runa - Yggdrasil