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Handmade Products

In 2017 Scribabs created two new collections:

  • Venkman, born from the passion in illustrations and esoterism
  • Steampunk, influenced by the fantasy genre  

Most of the products in this section are handmade and therefore shipping conditions may vary. Please contact for further details on Venkman and Steampunk products.

Card decks Zener and Rune Futhark are part of our Venkman esoteric collection. Both decks come with a handmade wooden case.

The Zener
card deck can be used to venture in fortune telling and telepathy.

The Elder Futhark card deck contains 24 symbols, the oldest runic alphabet.

Sbribabs creates masks, wooden boxes, steampunk novelties and theatrical scenography such as the ones in “The Experiment n.Q”.  

The masks are custom made with singular details. They can be purchased online or by emailing us at the link below.